Welcome to LaxGoalieNetwork!

Welcome to our new location for continuing to support the growing need for a committed educational resource for our unique sport & position. We look forward to providing a one-stop shop for players, coaches, and fans. We hope to develop a community that can interact, learn, and grow the sport of lacrosse.

The creation of the @LaxGoalieNetwork Platform was inspired by our mission to enhance the learning experience for lacrosse goalies and coaches all over the world. Within our unique lacrosse community, the goalie position is a coveted niche that well, only goalies might understand. The goalie has long been considered "The Last Line of Defense," recruiting those inspired to impact the game with their courage. We stand in the direct path of a 100+ MPH Rubber Projectile, engaged in the defense of 5,184 square inches against a ball no bigger than 20 inches squared. Some math provides that there are almost 259 different locations that a ball can enter the goal. Let's not even go there with bounce shots & long pole shooters.

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